button_06About Musical Clocks And Unicorns

Three fine examples of musical clocks by Father Primitivus Niemecz have survived in a good state of preservation, dating
from 1772, 1792 and 1793. Niemecz, the librarian to Prince Esterhazy‘s household, was a pupil and friend of Joseph
Haydn, and his „instruments“ play nothing but Haydn‘s pieces. Erich Schachtner, the first-ever classical guitarist
to devote himself to these musical delicacies, has now arranged them for his instrument and juxtaposed
them with Einojuhani Rautavaara‘s „Serenades & Monologues Of The Unicorn“, prompting a dialogue between ancient and modern, tradition and avant-garde, realism and mysticism.


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    A Nervous Promenade And DanceA Nervous Promenade And Dance

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    Serenading The Beauty UnobtainableSerenading The Beauty Unobtainable

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